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Brain Buff is the ULTIMATE brain fuel. Formulated for endless crash-free energy, laser focus & positive vibes, giving you everything you need to perform at your absolute best every time.

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Brain Buff is the ultimate brain fuel. Formulated for endless, crash free energy, laser focus, positive vibes, giving you everything you need to perform at you’re absolute best, every time.
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Our products are covered by our industry leading 14 day return policy. If you don’t feel the absolute best using a product from Good Game Labz feel free to return it within 14 days. Return shipping costs must be covered by customer.
Why and How it works?
Brain Buff is the ONLY energy formula created specifically for gamers & people who want to perform at their absolute best. Each ingredient was carefully chosen and utilized in full effective doses, unlike the other guys. We are the first to use TWO types of caffeine to eliminate the dreaded ‘crash’. Brain Buff is different from anything else on the market because at Good Game Labz its Quality before clout, always.

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Weight 0.5625 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Goated (Pink Starburst), O.P. Punch (Tropical Fruit Punch), GG Razz (Blue Razz)

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Brain Buff

  1. Julie

    Great product. Ive tried many and this is definitely one of the best on the market. Great focus, no crash. Highly highly recommend!!!!

  2. Rich Eisman

    Awesome stuff! Really loved the taste and energy was through the roof!

  3. Atombomb

    Good stuff, no crash and great taste. Will buy again

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    Amazing product. My favorite on the market by far. All the flavors have a delicious taste.

  5. Jacob Dunne

    The best on the market by far. Will never drink another brand again.

  6. Shawn (verified owner)

    Let me preface by saying I worked in the sports nutrition industry for many years. I have had the pleasure to try almost every pre workout / energy supplement out there. I am now going on my 3rd year working in the gaming industry and have tried almost any and every energy and or focus supplement geared for this industry. I believe this product is in a great place to compete. GG Labz has done a great job creating awesome packaging and flavor profiles, as well as a great working product that provides crisp focus and long lasting energy without a crash as you come down. I strongly trust this product enough after a couple uses to highly recommend it to people who need energy and focus for anything they do in life.

  7. Duckside (verified owner)

    Amazing product and truly no crash with a laser focus! Love the “clean” energy feel with the Green Tea. GOATED is amazing! I am waiting on my two other flavors to arrive today!

  8. Mathew (verified owner)

    I am a supplement junkie, this being said I have tried just about every energy/focus supplement on the market. After trying Brain Buff for a week I am a believer! I am a scattered brain and deal with ADHD, this supplement helped me focus.

  9. Antoinette (verified owner)

    Love it!! is it awesome and gave me all the focus and energy I needed no crash! Awesome product! Taste is great!!

  10. Tony Wilson (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product. As a dad streamer with a day job by the end of the day it’s hard to get HYPE sometimes to meet the energy level streaming requires or a standard we set for ourselves. But I know I throw a scoop of this and I am ready to rock. Better than the competitors, better than the big box manufacturers. JUST BETTER. I feel amazing, twice a day before work and before stream. It’s negated 95% of any other energy drink source.

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